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What Is Tron Wave Network?

This is a simple site with a collection of affiliate marketers from all over the world. They come here to trade ideas, tips, and strategies that help each other grow to the next business level. While here they purchase ad packages to showcase their programs and services to their network as well as entire membership site. With the purchase of each ad packages grants you a free earnings position on our Network Building Earnings Board. What we want members to focus on is building their brand, their money network, and their business knowledge so they can have true success online. Inside we take each marketer back to the basics and provide certain materials that can enhance their results.

You Do Not Have To Work Alone!

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The Biggest Question Answered:

"Do I have to refer to earn?"

Short Answer: NO!

You do not have to refer to earn. With our spillover and spill under affiliate compensation plan you have the opportunity to earn without having to refer. But here is the problem with that. When you do not refer a minimum of 3 people, you delay your earnings and growth. You will have to wait until your up-line causes enough spillover to start hitting your network. By that time, you have lost interest in the program and moved on to the next new shiny. Although this is a simple site, it is very powerful because of it's advertising and waves of earnings that happen when you follow our team's growth strategy. All it takes from you, purchase 1 ad package so you can receive your advertising credits and Free Team Build Earning Position. You earn on our board from anyone that falls or is referred into your network. No matter who refers them. What this does is cause an avalanche of income to keep pouring in as you and your team build your network.

Right now, this moment, is your time to shine. You are in a pivotal position to take your business to the next level. A few click of the buttons to register, place your ads, and invite others to do the same is all that stands in your way of achieving your ultimate financial goals.


Here's How To Get Started


  1. Join With Sponsor Link

  2. Buy An Ad Pack

  3. Place Your Ads

  1. Invite Other Marketers

  2. Teach Duplication

  3. Follow Up With Them

Watch Your Tron Grow On Autopilot

Why Join Our Team?

When you join today, you will be partnering up with some of the greatest marketers from all over the world that have united to build the ultimate advertising money making network. By joining our team you will be given a strategy that will enable you to cut expenses, increase your passive and residual income. And If need be, your sponsor will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process step by step to grow your team and income.

And your responsibility would be the 2 primary objectives:

1. Keep your account current and active
2. Spread the word to everyone you come in contact with!

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Disclaimer: The figures mentioned in our compensation plan are for illustration purposes only. The amount any marketer will earn is solely dependent on his/her experience and dedication to their business. We make no guarantees that any member will make a lot of money or any at all. We only provide the ability to earn through sales commissions of our ad packs and provide educational tools to assist with succeeding.


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